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Was: Hi-Lo Club
Became: Post, The
154 Post Street
San Jose, California
Type: Card Room
Status: Closed
Open: 1966, Close: 1971

Originally located at 154 Post Street, with four tables, and owned by Inez Atkins. In 1970, it moved next door to 152 Post Street, and increased to six tables. After being remodeled in 1971, it changed its name to "The Post". From San Jose Gambling (2020) Ted Ramos.

Advertisement from a matchbook, posted below.

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Casino Money
Table Chips (3) [QuickView]
CG033130 Obsolete
Denom: 50¢
Added: 2020-01-12
Last Update: 2020-11-10
Color: Brown
Inserts: 2 Orange
Mold: HHL
Updated by: Richard Edward Staeffler
CG033131 Obsolete
Denom: $5
Added: 2011-03-08
Last Update: 2011-03-08
Color: Green
Inserts: 2 Mustard
Mold: HHL
CG036221 Obsolete
Denom: $20
Added: 2011-05-07
Last Update: 2020-11-10
Color: Black
Inserts: 2 White
Mold: HHL
Contributed by: Jim Colbert
Casino Collectibles
Match Books (1) [QuickView]
Added: 2022-02-16
Color: Yellow
Contributed by: Ted Ramos
Total Items (4)

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