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Merced, California
Type: Card Room
Status: Closed

Eastman's Illustrated Guide to California Card Room Gaming Chips & Checks (1998) attributes these chips to the "Broadway Club", 4730 Broadway, Salida, CA (1974-1977).

Armin Pfaender's California Chip Guide (2021) attributes these chips to the "Tom & Jerry Card Room", Salinas, CA. The Staeffler Memorial California Card Room Guide (2019) locates the "Tom & Jerry Card Room" in Merced, CA.

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Casino Money
Table Chips (4) [QuickView]
CG051272 Obsolete
Denom: 50¢
Added: 2011-10-27
Last Update: 2011-10-27
Color: Green
Inserts: 4 Red
Mold: H&C (SCV)
CG051273 Obsolete
Denom: $5
Added: 2011-10-27
Last Update: 2011-10-29
Color: Gray
Inserts: 4 Blue
Mold: H&C (SCV)
Contributed by: Jim Colbert
CG051274 Obsolete
Denom: $20
Added: 2011-10-27
Last Update: 2023-04-16
Color: Black
Inserts: 4 Blue/White
Mold: H&C (SCV)
CG051275 Obsolete
Denom: $100
Added: 2016-10-16
Last Update: 2016-10-16
Color: Orange
Inserts: 3 Navy/Red
Mold: H&C (SCV)
Inlay: HS
Contributed by: Richard Edward Staeffler
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