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Jeton, UFC's (Unidentified Chips)
Type: UFC
Status: Unknown

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CG124281 Current
Last Update: 2020-08-04
Color: Beige
Inlay: diecut metal
Contributed by: John Benedict

Made of Celluloid-type plastic. This chip is not from Monaco, as previously and erroneously reported to ChipGuide. The collector who found a quantity of them in 2000 and introduced them to the hobby, while selling large lots to dealers and offering them on The ChipBoard and on eBay as "location unknown" since day one. But over time, it has been attributed (erroneously) to NOLA, Monaco and Cuba. However,they have been spotted by Cuban collectors as being used there, which is possible, but not originally from there, nor specified where they may have been used in Cuba. Note that there are two interlaced, back-to-back C's, forming the monogram, it is not an "O" or anything else, and there is nothing in Monaco (casino) with such a monogram.
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