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Fantasy Cruise Line, Wet Chips
Type: Cruise Ship
Status: Closed
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Fantasy Cruise Line was owned by Chandris Line, which became Celebrity Cruise line. After almost 37 years, Chandris Lines begin to stop all operations in 1996, this plan ending with the phasing out of their Fantasy Cruises branch and layup of the Britanis in 1998.
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Chips (3) [QuickView]
CG038614 Obsolete
Denom: $1
Last Update: 2019-08-20
Color: White
Inserts: 4pch/Brn
Mold H&C (SCV)
Inlay: HS Gold
Contributed by: John K. Kallman
CG084469 Obsolete
Denom: $1
Last Update: 2019-08-24
Color: White
Inserts: 4pch/Brn
Mold H&C (SCV)
Inlay: HS Gold
Contributed by: Herb Weaver

Attributed by Herb Weaver, Chip is supposedly from the S.S. Amerikanis - a cruise ship owned by Chandris Cruises and assigned to Fantasy Cruises a subsidiary of Chandris. It has no markings, however it is a $1 chip and very similar to the $1 chip listed in the chip guide under Fantasy Cruises - - except for the front center of the chip.
CG038398 Obsolete
Denom: $5
Last Update: 2019-04-24
Color: Red
Inserts: 4pnk/Org
Mold H&C (SCV)
Inlay: HS Gold
Contributed by: Albert Scalzo (LM-2995-2)
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