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Princess Cruises, Wet Chips
Type: Cruise Ship
Status: Open
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The vessel entered operation in 1999 under the flag of Renaissance Cruises. The ship was not owned by the company; instead she was owned by a group of French investors. When Renaissance declared bankruptcy in 2001, the ship was seized by creditors, along with the other seven vessels in the fleet. In 2002, Princess Cruises secured a two year lease for R Four and her sister ship R Three (now Pacific Princess). The vessel entered operation at the end of 2002, and was renamed Tahitian Princess. At the end of the lease, Princess Cruises purchased both vessels.
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CG035527 Show Casinos Current
Denom: $5
Event: Millennium
Issued: 2000
Last Update: 2018-07-15
Color: Red
Inserts: 4chr/Org
Mold House
Quantity: 20000
Contributed by: Albert Scalzo

"Cruising into the Millennium", LTD 20000. Chip used on the following ships, Sun, Sea, Ocean, Sky, Royal, Grand & Pacific.
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CG036133 Current
Issued: 5/11/2001
Last Update: 2011-05-03
Contributed by: Albert Scalzo
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