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Casinos and Non-Casinos City    Type Status SO  Website
MLM    UFC Closed
RUSSET    UFC Closed
Bannock Peak Casino Arbon Valley    Indian Open
ARG - See Ashton Rod and Gun Club - Ashton, Idaho
Ashton Rod and Gun Club Ashton    Illegal Closed
BPOE Elks 1416 Blackfoot    Fraternal Open
EMP (Empire Bar) Blackfoot    Card Room Closed
Arid Club Boise    Illegal Closed
City Club Boise    Card Room Closed
DH (Dean Hunter) Boise    Card Room Closed
Gold Rush Boise    Card Room Closed
GS (in horseshoe) Boise    UFC Closed
Haps 121 Club Boise    Card Room Closed
JC Boise    Illegal Closed
Louie (Allan Lewis) Boise    Card Room Closed
MG (Reeves Wholesale Co) Boise    UFC Closed
Ray Cole Oldsmobile GMC Co. Boise    Transportation Closed
Western Turf Club Boise    Illegal Closed
Kootenai River Inn and Casino Bonners Ferry    Indian Open
TJ (Tim Jewett ) Bruneau    Card Room Closed
OCC - See Osburn Club and Cafe - Burke, Idaho
Osburn Club and Cafe Burke    Illegal Closed
Calico Cat Burley    Illegal Closed
CF - See Dee's Cigar Store - Burley, Idaho
Dee's Cigar Store Burley    Illegal Closed
GAY - See Rose Cigar Store - Burley, Idaho
Ken's Burley    Illegal Closed
RB (Paul De La Cruz) Burley    Card Room Closed
Rose Cigar Store Burley    Illegal Closed
BPOE Elks 1448 Caldwell    Fraternal Open
Harley-Davidson - Birds Of Prey Caldwell    Harley Davidson Closed
(bronco/rider) - See King and Hart Club - Castleford, Idaho
King and Hart Club Castleford    Illegal Closed
LK (Lee Kerr) Challis    UFC Unknown
BPOE Elks 1254 Coeur d'Alene    Fraternal Open
FC - See Fritz's Corner - Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
Fritz's Corner Coeur d'Alene    Illegal Closed
Harley-Davidson - Lone Wolf Coeur d'Alene    Harley Davidson Closed
Rosebud Tavern Coeur d'Alene    Illegal Closed
TJL - See Rosebud Tavern - Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
DJ de Champbeau Eagle    Illegal Closed
MP / IX - See DJ de Champbeau - Eagle, Idaho
MC (Milt Cain) Elk River    UFC Closed
Club, The Filer    Illegal Closed
TC - See Club, The - Filer, Idaho
Fort Hall Bingo Fort Hall    Non-Casino Unknown
Fort Hall Casino Fort Hall    Indian Closed
Sage Hill Travel Center & Casino Fort Hall    Indian Open
Shoshone-Bannock Casino Fort Hall    Indian Open
De Rail Club Glenn Ferry    Card Room Unknown
BPOE Elks 1745 Gooding    Fraternal Open
Matt's Place Grangeville    Illegal Closed
B&T - See Bank Club - Hailey, Idaho
Bank Club Hailey    Illegal Closed
BPOE Elks 1087 Idaho Falls    Fraternal Open
Cutter Hotel Idaho Falls    Illegal Closed
Harley-Davidson - Grand Teton (Chester's) Idaho Falls    Harley Davidson Open
Kernan Longua Idaho Falls    Personal Chip Open
RBC - See Cutter Hotel - Idaho Falls, Idaho
ABC (A. B. Crouch) Jerome    UFC Unknown
Snowball's Sport Shop Jerome    Illegal Closed
SSS - See Snowball's Sport Shop - Jerome, Idaho
It'se Ye Ye Bingo & Casino Kamiah    Indian Open
Alpine Club Ketchum    Illegal Closed
GMH - See Alpine Club - Ketchum, Idaho
Sawtooth Club Ketchum    Illegal Closed
BPOE Elks 0896 Lewiston    Fraternal Open
Clearwater River Casino Lewiston    Indian Open
Harley-Davidson - Hells Canyon Lewiston    Harley Davidson Open
Headquarters Lewiston    Card Room Closed
JEC - See Headquarters - Lewiston, Idaho
McA Lewiston    UFC Closed
Trio Club Lewiston    Illegal Closed
BKW (D.D. Wakefield) McCall    UFC Closed
Harley-Davidson - High Desert Meridian    Harley Davidson Open
Mountain Home AFB Mountain Home    Military Unknown
MS/TW Mountain Home    UFC Closed
238 Club Mullan    UFC Closed
LEK (L Knacks) Murtaugh    UFC Closed
BPOE Elks 1389 Nampa    Fraternal Open
JAL - See Royal Palm Cigar Store - Payette, Idaho
Royal Palm Cigar Store Payette    Illegal Closed
Baseball Cigar Store Pocatello    Illegal Closed
BPOE Elks 0674 Pocatello    Fraternal Open
BWD (B. W. Davis) Pocatello    UFC Closed
Harley-Davidson - Eagle Rock (Chester's) Pocatello    Harley Davidson Closed
JD (in circle) Pocatello    UFC Closed
Last Frontier Pocatello    Illegal Closed
PCC - See Pocatetto Country Club - Pocatello, Idaho
Pocatetto Country Club Pocatello    Illegal Closed
RF - See Baseball Cigar Store - Pocatello, Idaho
Rio Club Pocatello    Illegal Closed
RW - See Solo Bar - Pocatello, Idaho
Shamrock Club Pocatello    Illegal Closed
Solo Bar Pocatello    Illegal Closed
VMB (C. Ed Flandro) Pocatello    UFC Closed
VFW 1004 Rigby    Fraternal Open
Ray's Bar Rupert    Illegal Closed
Plafair Stateline    Illegal Closed
Christiania, The Sun Valley    Illegal Closed
Trail Creek Golf Course Sun Valley    Golf Club Open
BPOE Elks 1183 Twin Falls    Fraternal Closed
Dell (Cigar Store) Twin Falls    Illegal Closed
Harley-Davidson - Chesters Snake Twin Falls    Harley Davidson Closed
Harley-Davidson - Snake Twin Falls    Harley Davidson Open
MERL Twin Falls    UFC Closed
SPUD Twin Falls    UFC Closed
TFC - See Twin Falls Cigar Store - Twin Falls, Idaho
Twin Falls Cigar Store Twin Falls    Illegal Closed
UP (in circle) Twin Falls    Other Closed
(hand) - See Cork & Bottle - Wallace, Idaho
Albi's Restaurant Wallace    Illegal Closed
BPOE Elks 0331 Wallace    Fraternal Open
Cork & Bottle Wallace    Illegal Closed
RKP - See Albi's Restaurant - Wallace, Idaho
Steve's Lucky Horseshoe Wallace    Illegal Closed
Wallace Corner Wallace    Illegal Closed
BPOE Elks 1683 Weiser    Fraternal Open
Circling Raven Golf Club Worley    Golf Club Open
Coeur d'Alene Casino Worley    Indian Open
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