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  Casinos and Non-Casinos City   Type Opened Closed Status SO  Website
  133 Naval Mobile Construction Battalion Gulfport    Military Open
  18 Club Rankin County    Illegal Closed
  1st Jackpot Tunica    Riverboat 09/30/2017 Open
  332d Training Squadron Biloxi    Military Open
  400 Club Clarksdale    Illegal Closed
  406 Club Biloxi    Illegal Closed
  ALB (horseshoe) - (Nelson Timlake) Corinth    Illegal Closed
  Ameristar Vicksburg    Riverboat 04/1994 Open
  Anchor Club Yazoo City    Illegal Closed
  AR (Adren Robertson) Ruleville    UFC Closed
  Bacot/McCarty Foundation Pascagoula    Advertiser Unknown
  Bally's Robinsonville    Riverboat 12/3/1993 09/30/2017 Closed
  Bally's Vicksburg Vicksburg    Riverboat 08/2021 Open
  BC - See West End - Hazelhurst, Mississippi
  Beau Rivage Biloxi    Land Based 03/16/1999 Open
  Bennie French Tavern Henderson Point    Illegal 1935 1953 Open
  Berry Brooks    Personal Chip Open
  Biloxi Belle Biloxi    Riverboat 8/28/1992 1/3/1995 Closed
  Bok Homa Casino Heidelberg    Indian 11/2010 Open
  Boomtown Biloxi    Riverboat 7/18/1994 Open
  BPOE Elks 0095 (EC) Vicksburg    Fraternal 1888 Open
  BPOE Elks 0416 Jackson    Fraternal 1898 Closed
  BPOE Elks 0854 Greenwood    Fraternal 1903 Open
  Bridges, The (Golf Club) Bay St. Louis    Golf Club Open
  Broadwater Beach Biloxi    Illegal Closed
  BSL Bay St. Louis    UFC Closed
  Bud Kelly's Place Osyka    Illegal Closed
  Carter's Biloxi    Illegal Closed
  Casino Magic Bay St. Louis    Riverboat 9/30/1992 08/28/05 - Katrina Closed
  Casino Magic Biloxi    Riverboat 6/5/1993 08/28/05 - Katrina Closed
  Casino Magic Corp. Biloxi    Casino Mgmt 1993 1998 Closed
  Casino Vicksburg Vicksburg    Riverboat 07/2020 08/2021 Closed
  CC - See Crescent Club - Biloxi, Mississippi
  CEP (Sam Pressly) Jackson    UFC Closed
  Cherokee Valley Golf Club Olive Branch    Golf Club Open
  Circus Circus Robinsonville    Riverboat 08/29/1994 12/01/1997 Closed
  Coast Dealing Academy Gulfport    Dealer School Open
  Copa Casino Gulfport    Riverboat 9/14/1993 08/28/2005 Closed
  Cotton Club Greenville    Riverboat 12/13/1993 07/16/1996 Closed
  CR - See Fisherman's Hangout - Biloxi, Mississippi
  Crescent Club Biloxi    Illegal Closed
  Delta Club Greenville    Illegal Closed
  Dewey's Club Biloxi    Illegal Closed
  Diamond Jacks Vicksburg    Riverboat 7/31/2006 05/27/2016 Closed
  Diamondhead Country Club & Golf Diamondhead    Golf Club Open
  DJ's Biloxi    Illegal Closed
  Dogwood Hills Golf Club Biloxi    Golf Club Open
  East Side Club Rankin County    Illegal Closed
  Edgewater Biloxi    Illegal Closed
  Eldorado Club Desoto County    Illegal Closed
  Famous Door Natchez    Illegal Closed
  FCT (Walthall Hotel) Jackson    UFC Closed
  Fiesta Club Biloxi    Illegal Closed
  Fire & Iron MC (Motorcycle Club) Biloxi    Personal Chip Open
  Fisherman's Hangout Biloxi    Illegal Closed
  Fitz (Fitzgeralds) Tunica    Riverboat 06/06/1994 Open
  Forrest General Healthcare Hattiesburg    Advertiser Open
  Foxwoods Casino at Biloxi Pointe Biloxi    Land Based 2019 Planned
  G - See Famous Door - Natchez, Mississippi
  GDC (Green Duck Corporation) Hernando    Manufacturer 1906 2004 Closed
  Gold Shore Biloxi    Riverboat 06/20/1994 05/14/1995 Closed
  Gold Strike Tunica    Riverboat 12/01/1997 Open
  Golden Moon Casino Philadelphia    Indian 08/26/2002 Open
  Golden Nugget Biloxi Biloxi    Land Based 06/21/2013 Open
  Golf Coast Mississippi    Advertiser Unknown
  Grand Bear Saucier    Golf Club Open
  Grand Biloxi Biloxi    Riverboat 08/17/2006 2014 Closed
  Grand Casino Biloxi    Riverboat 1/17/1994 08/28/2005 Closed
  Grand Casino Gulfport    Riverboat 05/14/1993 08/28/05 - Katrina Closed
  Grand Casino Tunica    Riverboat 6/24/1996 5/23/2008 Closed
  Grand Casino (All 3 Mississippi Locations) Biloxi, Gulfport and Tunica    Riverboat Closed
  Grand Casino - Mississippi/Minnesota    Riverboat Closed
  Grand Station Vicksburg    Riverboat 06/03/2011 03/28/2012 Closed
  Great Southern Golf Club Gulfport    Golf Club Open
  Grove Club Biloxi    Illegal Closed
  Gulf Coast Dealers School - See Coast Dealing Academy - Gulfport, Mississippi
  H (in horseshoe) Corinth    Illegal Closed
  Hard Rock Biloxi    Riverboat 06/30/2007 Open
  Harley-Davidson - Chunky River Meridian    Harley Davidson Open
  Harley-Davidson - Jackson Jackson    Harley Davidson Open
  Harley-Davidson - Mississippi Coast Biloxi    Harley Davidson Open
  Harley-Davidson - Southern Thunder Southaven    Harley Davidson Open
  Harlow's Greenville    Land Based 11/23/2007 Open
  Harrah's Vicksburg    Riverboat 11/15/1993 11/02/2003 Closed
  Harrah's (1993-1997) Tunica    Riverboat 12/3/1993 5/19/1997 Closed
  Harrah's (2008-2014) Tunica    Riverboat 05/23/2008 06/02/2014 Closed
  Harrah's Gulf Coast Biloxi    Land Based 2014 Open
  Harrah's Mardi Gras (1996-2005) Tunica    Riverboat 4/8/1996 4/25/2005 Closed
  Hickory Hill Country Club/Shell Landing Gautier    Golf Club Open
  HJP (J.L. Condon) Jackson    UFC Closed
  Hollywood Casino Bay St. Louis    Riverboat 8/31/2006 Open
  Hollywood Casino Tunica    Riverboat 8/8/1994 Open
  Horizon Vicksburg    Riverboat 11/02/2003 06/03/2011 Closed
  Horseshoe Tunica    Riverboat 12/13/1995 Open
  ID Group, The    Manufacturer Closed
  Imperial Palace (IP) Biloxi    Riverboat 12/22/1997 08/28/2005 Closed
  IP Hotel & Casino Biloxi    Riverboat 12/2005 Open
  Island View Gulfport    Riverboat 9/18/2006 Open
  Isle of Capri Lula    Riverboat 7/1/2000 Open
  Isle of Capri Natchez    Riverboat 7/1/2000 2015 Closed
  Isle of Capri Tunica    Riverboat 07/26/1999 09/04/2002 Closed
  Isle of Capri Vicksburg    Riverboat 8/19/1993 7/31/2006 Closed
  Isle of Capri (Land Based) Biloxi    Land Based 12/26/2005 2012 Closed
  Isle of Capri (Riverboat) Biloxi    Riverboat 08/01/1992 08/29/2005 Closed
  JJJ - See Eldorado Club - Desoto County, Mississippi
  JR - See Key Club - Biloxi, Mississippi
  JS (in a circle) Jackson    UFC 1940 Closed
  Jubilation Casino Lake Shore    Riverboat 12/20/1995 07/16/1996 Closed
  Jubilee Casino, Bayou Caddy's Lakeshore/Greenville    Riverboat 1993 2012 Closed
  K+S (Walthal Hotel) Jackson    UFC Closed
  Kennel (Club) Byhalia    Illegal 1948 1951 Closed
  Key Club Biloxi    Illegal Closed
  LAC (Tom Bradley) Jackson    UFC Unknown
  Lady Luck Biloxi    Riverboat 12/13/1993 6/8/1998 Closed
  Lady Luck Natchez    Riverboat 05/1993 07/2000 Closed
  Lady Luck Tunica    Riverboat 09/18/1993 04/24/1994 Closed
  Lady Luck Vicksburg    Riverboat 11/20/2012 07/2020 Closed
  Lady Luck - Rhythm & Blues Coahoma/Lula    Riverboat 06/27/1995 07/01/2000 Closed
  Las Vegas Casino Greenville    Riverboat April 1994 10/15/1998 Closed
  Lighthouse Point Greenville    Riverboat 11/6/1996 05/2011 Closed
  Little Club Clarksdale    Illegal Closed
  Louisiana Cruise / LA. Cruise Biloxi    Day Cruise 1988 1991 Closed
  Magnolia Bluffs Natchez    Land Based 12/18/2012 Open
  Magnolia Club Biloxi    Illegal Closed
  Maple Grove Rankin County    Illegal Closed
  Margaritaville Casino Biloxi    Land Based 05/22/2012 09/19/2014 Closed
  Merry Mansion Biloxi    Illegal 1945 1950 Closed
  Mississippi Gaming Commission Jackson    Gaming Control Open
  Mosaic Church Gulf Coast Gulfport    Charity Unknown
  MSOCK: Mystic Society of Cards & Keys Brookhaven    Other Closed
  MSW (W.E. Mays) Clarksdale    UFC Closed
  N Club B - See Anchor Club - Yazoo City, Mississippi
  NALG (National Association of Left-Handed Golfers) Diamondhead    Golf Club Open
  NCO CAFB - See NCO CAFB (Columbus Air Force Base) - Columbus, Mississippi
  NCO CAFB (Columbus Air Force Base) Columbus    Military 1940s Open
  Oaks Golf Club, The Pass Christian    Golf Club Open
  OJT (O. J. Thomas) Thaxton    UFC 1947 Closed
  Paddock Club Biloxi    Illegal Closed
  Pal'ace Cleveland    UFC Closed
  Palace Biloxi    Land Based 04/11/1994 Open
  Pass Christian Isles Golf Club Pass Christian    Golf Club Open
  Pearl River Resort Choctaw    Casino Mgmt Open
  PEK - See Tillman's Cigar Store - Natchez, Mississippi
  Plaza, The Biloxi    Illegal Closed
  Pop's Place Vicksburg    Home Poker Set Fantasy
  Preserve Golf Club, The Vancleave    Golf Club Open
  President Biloxi    Riverboat 8/13/1992 08/28/2005 Closed
  President Tunica    Riverboat 12/6/1993 7/8/1994 Closed
  Pride Of Mississippi Gulfport    Day Cruise 02/1989 10/1989 Closed
  Production Control    Charity Unknown
  R-C (H. Luther Payne) Meridian    Other Closed
  Rainbow Vicksburg    Riverboat 7/12/1994 11/30/2012 Closed
  Red Carpet Club Biloxi    Illegal Closed
  Resorts Tunica    Riverboat 4/26/2005 06/30/2019 Closed
  Rising Sun Greenwood    Illegal 1938 1951 Closed
  River Bend Links Robinsonville    Golf Club Open
  Riverside Club Jackson    Illegal 1936 Closed
  Riverwalk Vicksburg    Land Based 10/28/2008 Open
  Roadhouse Casino & Hotel Tunica    Riverboat 12/18/2009 01/2019 Closed
  RP - See Magnolia Club - Biloxi, Mississippi
  RSC (in horseshoe) - See Riverside Club - Jackson, Mississippi
  RT (Dave Powell) Jackson    UFC Closed
  S (in diamond) - (J.H. Steed) Hub    UFC Closed
  Salvador's Place Gulfport    Illegal Closed
  Sam's Town Tunica    Riverboat 05/24/1994 Open
  SC - See Social Club - Biloxi, Mississippi
  Scarlet Pearl DĀ“Iberville    Land Based 12/09/2015 Open
  Shell Landing Gautier    Golf Club Open
  Sheraton Casino Tunica    Riverboat 8/1/1994 12/17/2009 Closed
  Silver Slipper Hancock County    Land Based 11/09/2006 Open
  Silver Star Philadelphia    Indian 07/01/1994 Open
  Social Club Biloxi    Illegal Closed
  Southern Belle Riverbend    Riverboat 02/19/1994 08/31/1994 Closed
  Splash Tunica    Riverboat 10/19/1992 05/24/1995 Closed
  Spot, The Biloxi    Illegal Closed
  Sunkist Country Club Biloxi    Golf Club Open
  TCS/L.A. Cruises - See Louisiana Cruise / LA. Cruise - Biloxi, Mississippi
  Tillman's Cigar Store Natchez    Illegal Closed
  TLP (Lynn Porter) Greenville    UFC Closed
  Tom's Tavern Vicksburg    Illegal Closed
  Treasure Bay Biloxi    Land Based 06/21/2006 Open
  Treasure Bay Tunica    Riverboat 05/09/1994 05/23/1995 Closed
  Treasure Bay (Riverboat 1993-2005) Biloxi    Riverboat 04/28/1993 08/28/2005 Closed
  Trop Casino Greenville    Riverboat 05/04/2012 Open
  TT (T. J. Tillman) Jackson    UFC Closed
  Turf Club Vicksburg    Illegal Closed
  U (Union Bar) Biloxi    Illegal 1940s 1966 Closed
  Uncle Bud's Cabin Osyka    Illegal Closed
  Union Club Biloxi    Illegal Closed
  Waterview Casino Vicksburg    Riverboat 05/27/2016 Open
  West End Hazelhurst    Illegal 1933 Closed
  WH - See White House - Jackson, Mississippi
  White House Jackson    Illegal Closed
  White's Smoke House Natchez    Illegal Closed
  Wimpy's - See Tom's Tavern - Vicksburg, Mississippi
  Windance Country Club Gulfport    Golf Club Open
  WMW - See White's Smoke House - Natchez, Mississippi
  Woodland Club Jackson    Illegal Closed
  ZZZ (Elmer Smith) Meridian    UFC Closed
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