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335 Casinos Found

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  Casinos and Non-Casinos City   Type Opened Closed Status SO  Website
  (Bear) Teddy KGB's Club New York    Movie Prop Never Opened
  (camera) New York    Military Closed
  (Donkey) - See Green Point Card Room - Green Point, New York
  (Indian Head) - See Robert Eisenstadt - Brooklyn, New York
  (Jockeys) Rochester    Non-Casino Closed
  (Mouse) - See Mouse Club, The - New York, New York
  (Sharks) New York    UFC Closed
  (Tiger) New York    Non-Casino Closed
  (train) - See Robert Eisenstadt - Brooklyn, New York
  200 Club Olean    Manufacturer Fantasy
  201 in Clover (Club) New York    Illegal 1940s Yes Closed
  21 (Club) New York    UFC 1930 2020 Closed
  5th Ward Pool & Poker New York    Card Room Closed
  6-1/2 Mill Street Rochester    UFC Unknown
  610 (Joe Fats) Rochester    UFC Closed
  AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) New York    Other Open
  ABC (Radio Network) New York    Advertiser Open
  Abe Margolies, F&M Inc. New York    Manufacturer Fantasy
  ABK (in rectangle) New York    UFC Unknown
  ABZ - See Schlegel Beer Garden - Rochester, New York
  Ace Point Club New York    Card Room 1996 9/2005 Closed
  Active Republican Club New York    Illegal Closed
  AKC (Akula Poker Club) New York    Card Room 9/2005 5/2006 Closed
  Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Hogansburg    Indian 4/11/1999 No Open
  AL 574 - See American Legion Post 0574 - Hudson Falls, New York
  Alida New York    Home Poker Set 1922 Unknown
  All In New York    Card Room 03/2005 03/2006 Closed
  AME (Adam Ertman) Buffalo    UFC ? ? Unknown
  American Legion Post 0093 Port Chester    Fraternal Open
  American Legion Post 0574 Hudson Falls    Fraternal Open
  American Legion Post 0977 Altamont    Fraternal Open
  Apex New York    Illegal 1913 Yes Closed
  APS - See Pepper's Cigar Stand - Saratoga Springs, New York
  ARC - See Active Republican Club - New York, New York
  Arrowhead Inn Saratoga    Illegal Closed
  AVL - See 6-1/2 Mill Street - Rochester, New York
  B (Biltmore Hotel) New York    Card Room Closed
  B (in crest) - See Biltmore Club - New York, New York
  Barrier Brewing Company Oceanside    Dining & Entertainment 2003 Open
  Batavia Downs Batavia    Racino Open
  Bazaar Supply Yonkers    Manufacturer 2003 Closed
  BBB (Frank Bogozzi) Syracuse    UFC Closed
  BC (interlocking) - See Brook Club - Saratoga Springs, New York
  Benson's Bed & Baths Brooklyn    Non-Casino Closed
  Big Slick Social Club Bohemia    Card Room 1/2005 3/2005 Closed
  Biltmore Club New York    Illegal Closed
  Binghampton Mets (Baseball Team) - See Binghampton Rumble Ponies (Baseball Team) - Binghampton, New York
  Binghampton Rumble Ponies (Baseball Team) Binghampton    Dining & Entertainment 1991 Open
  BPOE Elks 0022 Brooklyn    Fraternal 1883 2009 Closed
  BPOE Elks 0263 Jamestown    Fraternal 1893 Open
  BPOE Elks 0535 White Plains    Fraternal 1900 Open
  BPOE Elks 1458 Glen Cove    Fraternal 1923 Closed
  BPOE Elks 1485 West Hempstead    Fraternal 1924 Closed
  BPOE Elks 2066 Long Beach    Fraternal 1958 1993 Closed
  BPOE Elks 2162 Massapequa    Fraternal 1960 Closed
  Breezy Point Poker Club Breezey Point    Fantasy Fantasy
  Broadway (Club) New York    Card Room 10/14/2005 Closed
  Brockway Trucks Cortland    Transportation 1912 1977 Closed
  Brook Club Saratoga Springs    Illegal 1880s 1950s Closed
  Brooklyn Cards Brooklyn    Home Poker Set Fantasy
  Brooklyn Cyclones Brooklyn    Advertiser Open
  Bruce Landau Suffern    Personal Chip 1946 12/19/2002 Closed
  Buffalo Poker Run Buffalo    Fraternal 2010 Yes Closed
  Buggs - See Truax Hotel - Syracuse, New York
  C&P Saratoga    UFC Closed
  C-C - See Chicago Club - Saratoga, New York
  Calexico (Restaurant) Greenpoint    Non-Casino Open
  Casino Tours New York    UFC Unknown - See Eric Rosenblum - East Meadow, New York
  CB (William O'Connor) Buffalo    UFC Closed
  CC (Interlocking) New York    UFC 1930 Yes Closed
  CDF (Charles Sazrean) Geneva    UFC Closed
  Charles Kaplan Rockville Centre    Personal Chip Open
  Chauncey Olcott Cigars, Smoke Unadilla    Other Closed
  Chicago Club Saratoga    Illegal Closed
  Chip Cave, The Gansevoort    Manufacturer 2011 Open
  Chuck Gajewski Buffalo    Personal Chip Open
  City Scene Brooklyn    Dining & Entertainment Closed
  Club 27 New York    Card Room 1970s Yes Closed
  Club Xxxotica Albany    Brothel & Strip Club Closed
  Commodore AC (Athletic Club) New York    Fraternal Closed
  Constantino Brumidi Lodge Deer Park    Fraternal Open
  Country Club, The New York    Card Room Yes Closed
  Crusius, August    Other Unknown
  Dakota Roadhouse New York City    Dining & Entertainment Closed
  Danny Ocean's Williamsville    Advertiser Unknown
  DC (intertwined) - See Diamond Club - Montauk, New York
  del Lago Resort & Casino Waterloo    Land Based 02/2017 Open
  Derek Jeter - See New York Yankees (Baseball Team) - Bronx, New York
  DGI (Duro Games, Inc.) Central Islip    Other ? ? Unknown
  Diamond Club Montauk    Illegal 1929 1939 Closed
  Diamond Club New York City    Card Room 2000 Closed
  Dj's Flamingo Restaurant Bath    Dining & Entertainment Open
  DON - See Edward Donohue Cigars - Baliston Spa, New York
  E.B.F.D. (East Brentwood Fire Department) Brentwood    Advertiser Open
  EC (intertwined) - See Eugenia Club - Basher Falls, New York
  Eddie's Casino Brooklyn    Card Room 1989 Closed
  Edison Club Rexford    Golf Club 1904 Open
  Edward Donohue Cigars Baliston Spa    Illegal ? ? Unknown
  Empire City Yonkers    Racino 10/11/2006 Open
  Empire State Sportsman Staten Island    Non-Casino Open
  Engineer's Club Brooklyn    Social Club Closed
  Enquirer Buffalo    Home Poker Set 1896 Unknown
  Entertainment Cruises/Royal Princess - See Entertainment Casino Cruises/El Dorado - Marco Island, Florida
  Eric Rosenblum East Meadow    Personal Chip Open
  Eugenia Club Basher Falls    Illegal Closed
  Fairgrounds Gaming & Raceway Hamburg    Racino Closed
  Fascination New York City    Other Closed
  Felt Forum, The Deer Park    Card Room 2006 ? Closed
  Finger Lakes Casino & Racetrack Farmington    Racino 2004 Open
  Fish Street Hicksville    Card Room 5/2005 4/2006 Closed
  Fisher Electronics New York City    Advertiser 1937 2012 Closed
  Flying Eagle Casino Weave    Home Poker Set Unknown
  FM (Frank Marquette) Troy    UFC Unknown
  FMCC (Fresh Meadows CC) Lake Success    Fraternal 1924 Open
  Forest Park Jewish Center Glendale    Charity Open
  Fort Drum Fort Drum    Military Open
  FOX (Harry Fox) Buffalo    UFC Closed
  Freeport Caino Cruises - See Midnight Gambler - Freeport, New York
  FWTA, The (Far West Traveler's Assn.) New York    Fraternal c1921 Yes Closed
  G&C (William Copeland) New York    UFC Closed
  Game, The Williamsburg    Card Room Closed
  GBO (intertwined) - See Outhwaite's - Saratoga Springs, New York
  GE Jr New York    UFC Unknown
  GEK - See Newman's Lake House - Saratoga Springs, New York
  George & Co. Williamsville    Advertiser 1901 Open
  Golden Arrow Casino Hogansburg    Indian 1986 1990 Closed
  Graphic Controls Buffalo    Manufacturer Open
  Green Point Card Room Green Point    Card Room Closed
  Green Room, The Little Neck    Card Room 11/2005 11/2005 Closed
  GS Long Island    UFC ? ? Closed
  GSC (in circle) - See Guild Social Club - New York, New York
  GSSG Brooklyn    UFC Closed
  Guild Social Club New York    Illegal Closed
  H. C. Edwards New York    Manufacturer 1950 1980s Closed
  H. W. Johns Manufacturing Company New York    Advertiser 1858 1982 Closed
  Hamburg Casino Hamburg    Racino Open
  Hard Rock Cafe New York    Dining & Entertainment 04/12/1984 08/12/2005 Closed
  Harley-Davidson - Adirondack Broadalbin    Harley Davidson Open
  Harley-Davidson - American North Tonawanda    Harley Davidson Open
  Harley-Davidson - American Twin Painted Post    Harley Davidson Closed
  Harley-Davidson - Arkport Hornell    Harley Davidson Open
  Harley-Davidson - Brunswick Troy    Harley Davidson 1972 Open
  Harley-Davidson - Buffalo Orchard Park    Harley Davidson Open
  Harley-Davidson - Corning Painted Post    Harley Davidson 2016 Closed
  Harley-Davidson - Cycle Stop Rochester    Harley Davidson 1981 06/2021 Closed
  Harley-Davidson - Eastern Riverhead    Harley Davidson 1976 Open
  Harley-Davidson - Empire New Rochelle    Harley Davidson Open
  Harley-Davidson - Finger Lakes Cayuta    Harley Davidson Open
  Harley-Davidson - FX Caprara Adams Center    Harley Davidson Open
  Harley-Davidson - Geneva Geneva    Harley Davidson 1975 Open
  Harley-Davidson - Gowanda Gowanda    Harley Davidson 1947 Open
  Harley-Davidson - Gowanda (Boutique) Ellicottville    Harley Davidson Open
  Harley-Davidson - Harv's Macedon    Harley Davidson 1962 Open
  Harley-Davidson - Hudson Valley Nanuet    Harley Davidson 2016 4/2020 Closed
  Harley-Davidson - Iron Block Adams Center    Harley Davidson Closed
  Harley-Davidson - Ithaca Cayuta    Harley Davidson Closed
  Harley-Davidson - Jamestown Falconer    Harley Davidson 1975 Open
  Harley-Davidson - Lake City Lake Placid    Harley Davidson Closed
  Harley-Davidson - Lombardi's Staten Island    Harley Davidson 2016 Closed
  Harley-Davidson - McDermott's Fort Ann    Harley Davidson 1996 Open
  Harley-Davidson - McDermott's Lake George    Harley Davidson Closed
  Harley-Davidson - Miracle Mile Great Neck    Harley Davidson 01/2021 Closed
  Harley-Davidson - Miracle Mile (JFK Airport) Jamaica    Harley Davidson Closed
  Harley-Davidson - Moroney's New Windsor    Harley Davidson 1956 Open
  Harley-Davidson - Nassau County Bellmore    Harley Davidson Open
  Harley-Davidson - New York City Long Island City    Harley Davidson Open
  Harley-Davidson - North End Plattsburgh    Harley Davidson 09/2020 Closed
  Harley-Davidson - O'Tooles Wurtsboro    Harley Davidson Open
  Harley-Davidson - Performance Syracuse    Harley Davidson 1977 Open
  Harley-Davidson - Roc On Rochester    Harley Davidson 06/2021 Open
  Harley-Davidson - Southern Tier Binghamton    Harley Davidson 1983 Open
  Harley-Davidson - Southtowns Buffalo Orchard Park    Harley Davidson 2003 12/2017 Closed
  Harley-Davidson - Spitzie's Albany    Harley Davidson 1940 Open
  Harley-Davidson - Stan's Batavia    Harley Davidson 1958 Open
  Harley-Davidson - Staten Island Staten Island    Harley Davidson 2016 Open
  Harley-Davidson - Suffolk County Oakdale    Harley Davidson 1960 Open
  Harley-Davidson - Utica New York Mills    Harley Davidson Open
  Harley-Davidson - Woodstock Kingston    Harley Davidson Open
  Harley-Davidson - Wyoming County Varysburg    Harley Davidson Closed
  Havana Buffalo    Advertiser Unknown
  Hi-Ho Club Bronx    Card Room Closed
  Hibachi Room Buffalo    Illegal Closed
  High Society New York    Social Club Closed
  IDI (Identification Data and Imaging) Port Washington    Manufacturer Open
  Indian Hills Golf Course Painted Post    Golf Club Open
  Invictus Consulting Group LLC New York    Advertiser Open
  Irwin "Doc" Gross Jericho    Personal Chip Closed
  Jake's 58 Hotel and Casino Islandia    Land Based 02/27/2017 Open
  JAO (Jack A. Oak) New York    Other 1973 Closed
  JD - See Seymour Hotel - Rochester, New York
  JMT (Johnny Gobel) Buffalo    UFC Closed
  Joe M. Wantaugh    Personal Chip Open
  Joe's South Shore Deli - See Bill Borland - Las Vegas, Nevada
  Judy Wuerth Wantaugh    Personal Chip Closed
  JWC (John Lucas) Johnson City    Home Poker Set ? ? Unknown
  JWR Queens    Non-Casino Closed
  K of C Knights of Columbus 3481 Oceanside    Fraternal Open
  Kanadasaga Club Kanadasaga    Illegal Closed
  Kardwell International Mattituck    Manufacturer 1976 Open
  King's Casino - See Chip Cave, The - Gansevoort, New York
  Knollwood Country Club Golf Course Elmsford    Golf Club Open
  Lakeside Entertainment Seneca Falls    Land Based 12/09/2022 Open
  Lakeside Entertainment Union Springs    Land Based 07/2013 Open
  Leash, The New York    Fraternal Closed
  LI Players Club / Long Island Players Club Syosset    Card Room 1/2005 2005 Closed
  Liberty I, Bay Cruises Brooklyn    Day Cruise 12/19/1996 11/03/1997 Closed
  Links Golf Course, The Roslyn    Fraternal 1928 1988 Closed
  Loft, The Williamsburg, Brooklyn    Card Room 2005 01/2006 Closed
  LOOM Moose 0113 Rochester    Fraternal Closed
  LOOM Moose 0959 / 2299 West Seneca    Fraternal Open
  LOOM Moose 0992 Hamburg    Fraternal Open
  LOOM Moose 2163 North Tonawanda    Fraternal Open
  Lower East Side Card Room New York    Card Room Closed
  Lucky Cruises/Manhattan Cruises Pier 88 Manhattan    Day Cruise 1/28/1998 9/27/1998 Closed
  M (over dash) - See Montauk Island Club - Montauk, New York
  M. Stachelberg Cigar Co. New York    Advertiser 1857 1908 Closed
  MAC New York    Non-Casino 1934 Yes Closed
  Mac V New York    UFC 1926 Yes Closed
  Madison Square Club New York    Illegal 1888 Closed
  Majesty Casino Cruises Freeport    Day Cruise 1999 ? Closed
  Manor (Club) Pelham Manor    Fraternal 1882 Open
  Marion & Company - See Marion & Company - Davie, Florida
  Mark Rollo Endwell    Personal Chip Open
  Math for America    Charity Open
  Maxamillion/Manhattan Cruises Pier 88 Manhattan    Day Cruise 1/28/1998 9/27/1998 Closed
  Mayer Bros. Cider Mill Buffalo    Food & Beverage 1852 Open
  Mayfair Club New York    Card Room ~ 1990 8/2000 Closed
  MB (in horseshoe) - See Meadowbrook Club - Saratoga Springs, New York
  Meadowbrook Club Saratoga Springs    Illegal 06/23/1934 1959 Closed
  MIDC (Mutual Independent Democratic Club) New York    Fraternal 1927 Yes Closed
  Midnight Gambler Freeport    Day Cruise 01/01/1998 c2008 Closed
  Midnight Gambler II Freeport    Day Cruise 01/01/1998 c2008 Closed
  Mill River Club Upper Brookville    Golf Club 1964 Open
  Minnesota Fats (Gaming Supply) New York City    Manufacturer Closed
  Mohawk Bingo Palace Akwesasne    Indian c1988 2013 Closed
  Montauk Island Club Montauk    Illegal Closed
  Monticello Raceway Monticello    Land Based 2007 04/23/2019 Closed
  MONY (Mutual of New York) New York    Advertiser 1842 2004 Closed
  Mouse Club, The New York    Illegal 1960s 1970s Closed
  Mr. Lucky Laurelton    Manufacturer 1980s Yes Closed
  MRC - See Mill River Club - Upper Brookville, New York
  MSC - See Muskogee Social Club - New York City, New York
  Muskogee Social Club New York City    Illegal Closed
  MW (intertwined) - See Meadowbrook Club - Saratoga Springs, New York
  N.Y. School of Gambling New York    Dealer School Closed
  Nagel's Tombstone Saloon West Falls    Food & Beverage 2013 Yes Closed
  National Basketball Association New York    Casino Mgmt Open
  National Envelope Corp. New York    Advertiser 1952 2013 Closed
  National Hockey League New York    Casino Mgmt Open
  NBA - See National Basketball Association - New York, New York
  Neal Silverman Staten Island    Personal Chip Open
  NEB New York    UFC Closed
  Nevele Ellenville    Land Based Never Opened
  New York Mets (Baseball Team) Flushing    Dining & Entertainment Open
  New York Players Club New York    Card Room 4/2004 5/2005 Closed
  New York Poker Club New York City    Card Room Closed
  New York State Police    Advertiser Open
  New York Yacht Club New York    Fraternal 1844 Open
  New York Yankees (Baseball Team) Bronx    Dining & Entertainment Open
  Newman's Lake House Saratoga Springs    Illegal Closed
  NHL - See National Hockey League - New York, New York
  Niagara Club Niagara Falls    Non-Casino Open
  Nid de Papillon East Hampton    Home Poker Set 1922 Yes Closed
  NLH - See Newman's Lake House - Saratoga Springs, New York
  Nuts, The Long Island    Card Room ? ? Unknown
  NY Consolidated Card Co. (Squeezers) New York    Manufacturer Closed
  NYC (D. M. Vineziant) New York City    Military Closed
  NYNEX (New York & New England Exchanges)    Advertiser Open
  Oaasis Levittown    Card Room Closed
  Oak Hill Golf Club Rochester    Golf Club Open
  Oneonta Country Club Oneonta    Golf Club Open
  Opus Casino Cruise Lines Freeport    Day Cruise 09/2010 08/07/2011 Closed
  Orvilles Home Appliances Lancaster    Advertiser Unknown
  Outhwaite's Saratoga Springs    Illegal Closed
  P S (Play Station) New York    Card Room 1999 5/2005 Closed
  PAFB (Plattsburgh Air Force Base) Plattsburgh    Military 1995 Closed
  Palace, The Long Island    Card Room ? Closed
  PAN Albany    UFC Unknown
  PAN AM New York    Transportation 03/14/1927 12/04/1991 Closed
  Paradise Found Syracuse    Brothel & Strip Club Open
  Penthouse, The New York    Card Room 10/2005 Closed
  Pepper's Cigar Stand Saratoga Springs    Illegal Closed
  Pepsi Harrison    Food & Beverage 1898 Open
  Peter Volberg St James    Personal Chip Open
  Pinky's Fascination Rockaway Beach    Dining & Entertainment Closed
  Piping Rock Club Saratoga    Illegal 1937 Closed
  PJS - See Riley's Lake House - Saratoga, New York
  Playgound New York City    Card Room Closed
  Playstation New York    Card Room Closed
  Point Place Casino Bridgeport    Indian 03/01/2018 Open
  Poker Club, The Rochester    Card Room Open
  Powelton Golf Club Newburgh    Golf Club Open
  PRC - See Piping Rock Club - Saratoga, New York
  President Casino New Yorker New York    Day Cruise Never Opened
  Private Game Flushing    Home Poker Set Fantasy
  PS - See Playstation - New York, New York
  PSC (intertwined) New York    UFC Closed
  R (The River) Hicksville    Card Room 2000s Yes Closed
  Ray Gay Sales Buffalo    Advertiser Open
  Remsen Heights Jewish Center Brooklyn    Social Club 1959 2001 Closed
  Resorts World Casino @ Aqueduct Racetrack Jamaica    Racino 10/28/2011 Open
  Resorts World Catskills Kiamesha Lake    Land Based 02/08/2018 Open
  Resorts World Hudson Valley Newburgh    Land Based 12/28/2022 Open
  Riley's Lake House Saratoga    Illegal 1923/1932 1931/1951 Closed
  Rini's Fruit Mkt Bronx    Advertiser Closed
  River Club New York    Card Room 05/2005 06/2005 Closed
  Rivers Casino & Resort Schenectady    Land Based 02/07/2017 Open
  Robert Eisenstadt Brooklyn    Personal Chip Closed
  Rocky Marciano Lodge 2226 Oceanside    Fraternal 1970 ? Closed
  Rounders New York    Card Room 5/2004 6/2006 Closed
  Rounders Card Club New York    Non-casino Never Opened
  RS (Sam Cassaro) Gloversville    UFC Closed
  Sailor - See Hi-Ho Club - Bronx, New York
  Samuel Hart New York    Manufacturer 1846 1871 Closed
  Santa Fe Club New York    Card Room ? ? Closed
  Saratoga Casino and Raceway Saratoga Springs    Racino Open
  Schlegel Beer Garden Rochester    Illegal Closed
  Seneca Allegany Casino Salamanca    Indian 5/1/2004 No Open
  Seneca Buffalo Creek Buffalo    Indian 2007 Open
  Seneca Gaming & Entertainment Irving    Casino Mgmt Open
  Seneca Gaming Corp. Niagara Falls    Casino Mgmt Open
  Seneca Gaming Irving Irving    Indian 12/14/2002 No Open
  Seneca Hickory Stick Lewiston    Golf Club Open
  Seneca Niagara Casino Niagara Falls    Indian 12/31/2002 No Open
  Seneca Oil Spring Gaming & Entertainment Cuba    Indian 2014 Open
  Seneca Salamanca Casino Salamanca    Indian 2008 Open
  Seth's Queens    Movie Prop 2000 2000 Closed
  Seventh Assembly Democratic Club New York    Fraternal Closed
  Seymour Hotel Rochester    Illegal 1935 Closed
  Shadow Martini Bar & Restaurant Niagara Falls    Food & Beverage Open
  Shearson, Hammill & Co., Inc. New York    Advertiser 1902 1974 Closed
  Sheraton Hotels White Plains    Hotel & Motel 1933 Open
  Shinnecock Hills Golf Club Southampton    Golf Club Open
  Showdown, The Deer Park    Card Room ~ 2006 ? Closed
  Sioux Club Gloversville    Fraternal 1923 Yes Closed
  SJB (St. John the Baptist High School) West Islip    Charity Open
  Slim - See Truax Hotel - Syracuse, New York
  Smith's Interlaken Saratoga Springs    Illegal Closed
  South Manning Albany    UFC Unknown
  Southern Club New York    Fraternal 1910 Yes Closed
  Spaulding Fibre Company Tonawanda    Other 1873 1992 Closed
  St. Nicholas (Club) New York    Fraternal 1875 Yes Closed
  Sterling & Sterling Insurance Woodbury    Advertiser Unknown
  STR (Straddles Card Club) New York    Card Room 1999 5/2005 Closed
  Studio, The New York    Card Room Yes Closed
  Susquehanna Valley Sabres Conklin    Other Open
  SYR - See Syracuse Club - Syracuse, New York
  Syracuse Club Syracuse    Illegal 1936 Closed
  T.V.I. (Tony's Vegas International) Hogansburg    Card Room 11/1988 08/27/1989 Closed
  Tailor's Social Club New York    Illegal 1990 2000 Closed
  Temple J.H.J.C. (Jewish Center of Jackson Heights) Jackson Heights    Charity Open
  Three Feathers Casino Akwesasne Mohawk Reservation    Indian 08/07/2011 11/21/2013 Closed
  Tioga Downs Nichols    Racino Open
  TLO (Thomas L. O'Brian) Rochester    UFC 1937 Closed
  Tom's Poker Parlor New York City    Home Poker Set Closed
  Topps Company, The New York    Other 1938 Open
  Travis Lewin Syracuse    Personal Chip Open
  Tropic Delicias New York    Food & Beverage 1990s 1990sa Closed
  Truax Hotel Syracuse    Illegal 1936 Closed
  TSC - See Tailor's Social Club - New York, New York
  Turning Stone Verona    Indian 07/16/1993 Open
  UC (overlapped) - See Union Club - New York City, New York
  UC (Unqua Corinthian Yacht Club) Amityville    Fraternal Open
  Union Club New York City    Illegal 1929 Closed
  United States Aviation Underwriters, Inc. New York    Advertiser Open
  University Club New York    Illegal Closed
  Vernon Downs Vernon    Racino Open
  VFW 1582 Inwood    Fraternal 1972 Open
  Viking Starliner Montauk    Day Cruise 9/13/1997 11/1997 Closed
  WABC-TV New York NYC    Advertiser Open
  Wall Street New York    Land Based 2004 04/2005 Closed
  Walter Dirzulaitis Freeport    Personal Chip Open
  Waterman's Pens New York    Advertiser 1884 Closed
  Wayne Delia    Personal Chip Open
  WDC (Welfare Democratic Club) Brooklyn    Fraternal 1927 Yes Closed
  Western Regional OTB    Non-Casino Open
  Winged Foot Golf Club Marmaroneck    Golf Club 1921 Open
  WJD - See Walter Dirzulaitis - Freeport, New York
  WMS - See Smith's Interlaken - Saratoga Springs, New York
  Yellow Brick Road Casino Chittenango    Indian 06/02/2015 Open
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