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ChipGuide - A Catalog of Casino Chips and Collectibles
Books for Casino Memorabilia Collectors

Title Edition Author Year Category Price 
Playing Card Guide - Book #1 Janice O'Neal & Sandi Steffner 2014 Cards 0.00
The Slot Card Guide Quarterly Robert Baker, Pat Lamb & Steve Wells Slot Cards 0.00
TITO's 2.01 Jim Noll 2010 TITO 0.00
Vegas and the Mob Al Moe 2013 Vegas Mob 8.53
Top's Casino Chip Guide To Florida Card Rooms John "Top" Newby 1996 Florida 9.95
Galveston - A Guide to the Illegal Clubs & their Chips Greater Houston Chip Collecting Club Galveston 10.00
Price Guide For Colorado Chips Allen Banick Colorado 10.00
The Directory of American Indian Casinos & Bingo Halls Sheryl Mason * Brice Mason Indian Casinos 12.95
Stealing from Bandits Al Moe 2012 Nevada 12.99
Nevada's Golden Age of Gambling Al Moe 2008 Nevada 13.48
Roots of Reno Al Moe 2008 Reno 13.49
2001 American Casino Guide Steve Brourie 2001 Casino Guide 14.95
The Chip Rack 12th Sands, Sarles, Spragg 2010 Nevada 14.99
Florida Card Rooms John K. Kallman 2015 Florida 15.00
Nevada Casino Playing Card Guide Addendum Jim & Sandi Steffner Cards 15.00
Playing Card Guide - Book #5 Janice O'Neal & Sandi Steffner Cards 15.00
Newport - The Real Sin City Jeff Laudeman Illegal 18.00
Casino and Their Ashtrays Art Anderson Ashtrays 19.95
The Collectors Guide To Nevada Casino Promotional Tokens The Coin Company & Washoe Antiques Nevada 19.95
Dice & Dollars Jim Steffner 2014 Illegal 20.00
Montana Casino Chips: Treasure From the Treasure State Steve Goodrich 2002 Montana 20.00
The Assassination of Wild Bill Hickok K. Finstuen, M.Sc., M.Ed., Ph.D. and Bob Dimler Deadwood 21.00
Illegal Gambling Clubs of Toledo; the Chips, the Dice, the Places and Faces Terry Shaffer Toledo 22.95
Pollack's Guide To The Chips & Tokens Of Aruba Ralph P. Pollack Caribbean 24.00
Cruise Ships and their Casino Chips Patty Smith & John Long Cruise Ships 24.95
Ginsburg's Guide To The Casinos & Chips Of St. Maarten Bob Ginsburg St. Maarten 24.95
Ginsburg's Guide to the Chips & Casinos of Curacao Robert A. Ginsburgh Caribbean 24.95
The Chip Rack 13th Sands, Sarles, Spragg 2011 Nevada 24.99
The Chip Rack 14th Sands, Sarles, Spragg 2012 Nevada 24.99
The Chip Rack 15th Sands, Sarles, Spragg 2013 Nevada 24.99
The Gaming Table 3rd Sands, Sarles, Spragg 2009 Casinos 24.99
An Illustrated Guide To The Casino Chips Of American Riverboats 3rd Greg C. Susong 2001 Riverboat 25.00
Gaming in the Spa 6th Wayne Threadgill Hot Springs 25.00
Ivory Gambling Chips Dale Seymour Ivory 25.00
Playing Card Guide - Book #4 Janice O'Neal & Sandi Steffner Cards 25.00
The Casino Chips Of Washington State 3rd Steve Goodrich Washington 25.00
Galveston - Island Of Chance Frank E. Chalfant Illegal 27.95
A Guide To Florida's Gaming Chips, Checks & Tokens Mark Lighterman, Robert Ginsburg, Myrna Lighterman Nevada 29.95
Gambling Collectibles A Sure Winner Leonard Schneir General 29.95
Nevada Gaming Checks & Chips Howard W. Herz & Kregg L. Herz Nevada 29.95
The Official U.S. Casino Chip Price Guide 3rd James Campiglia & Steve Well Nevada 29.95
The Slot Card Book 1st Carolyn Donley 2000 Slot Cards 29.95
Cheques, Chips, and Tokens of the Playboy Casinos 5th Tom Stroh 2007 Playboy 30.00
Playing Card Guide - Book #2 Janice O'Neal & Sandi Steffner Cards 30.00
Casino Ashtrays Roxie & Gary Held Ashtrays 32.95
New Orleans & LA. Parishes Illegal Gambling Clubs Checks & Chips 1800-1960s Finstuen, Kleindienst, Marshall & Marshall New Orleans 33.20
Antique Gambling Chips Dale Seymour Antique 34.95
Almost Everything Hard Rock DVD 5th Allan Anderson Hard Rock 35.00
Kregg's Guide to the Records of The United States Playing Card Co. Kregg Herz Manufacturer 35.00
Puerto Rico Casino Chips, Black's Catalog 2010 Archie Black 2010 Puerto Rico 35.00
Casino Chips & Tokens Of The Dutch Caribbean Ralph P. Pollack Caribbean 36.95
Howdy's Illustrated Guide to Nevada Silver Strike Redeemable Premium Tokens 3rd Howard Herz 2004 Nevada 39.00
Atlantic City Casino Chips & Tokens, Black's Catalog 2013 Archie Black 2013 Atlantic City 39.99
The Dice Man Speaketh Jeff Laudeman Illegal 45.00
The Chip Rack 16th Sands, Sarles, Spragg 2015 Nevada 49.99
The Gaming Table 4th Sands, Sarles, Spragg 2012 Casinos 49.99
Howdy's Guide to HUNT & Co. Howard Herz Manufacturer 50.00
Playing Card Guide - Book #3 Janice O'Neal & Sandi Steffner Cards 50.00