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Was: Black Diamond Casino Cruises
East 11th Street
Riviera Beach, Florida
Type: Day Cruise
Status: Closed
Open: 3/15/2014, Close: 11/06/2014
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In the bankruptcy petition dated Nov. 6, Island Breeze International Palm Beach's CEO Bradley Prader said the day-casino cruise operations were adversely affected this summer by a prolonged shutdown of service due to maintenance and repair issues. "We're going through the court process to deal with this," he said. "Our plan is still to reopen. We want to be in Palm Beach County." Still Prader said the relaunch likely can't happen until sometime in January because the slot machines on the boat will need to be replaced.
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CG127900 Obsolete
Issued: 3/15/2014
Last Update: 2017-10-22
Color: Dk-Blue
Mold Plain

- Dk Blue - Shown
CG127902 - Gray
CG127901 - Lt Blue
CG127905 - Orange
CG127903 - Purple
CG127904 - Red
CG127906 - Violet

Beach Chair

CG127907 Obsolete
Issued: 3/15/2014
Last Update: 2017-10-22
Color: Violet
Mold Plain
Contributed by: Albert Scalzo

CG127907 - Violet - Shown
CG127910 - Dk Blue
CG127912 - Gray
CG127911 - Lt Blue
CG127909 - Orange
CG127913 - Purple
CG127908 - Red


CG127914 Obsolete
Issued: 3/15/2014
Last Update: 2017-10-22
Color: Purple
Mold Plain

- Purple - Shown
CG127918 - Dk Blue
CG127917 - Gray
CG127919 - Lt Blue
CG127920 - Orange
CG127915 - Red
CG127916 - Violet

Palm Tree

CG127921 Obsolete
Issued: 3/15/2014
Last Update: 2017-10-22
Color: Orange
Mold Plain

- Orange - Shown
CG127923 - Dk Blue
CG127924 - Gray
CG127922 - Lt Blue
CG127927 - Purple
CG127925 - Red
CG127926 - Violet


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