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Casinos and Non-Casinos City    Type Status SO  Website
Finley Improvement (Association)    Charity Open
MOD (March of Dimes)    Charity Open
Fort Abercrombie Casino Abercrombie    Charity Closed
American Legion Post 0005 Beach    Fraternal Open
Sky Dancer Casino Belcourt    Indian Open
Turtle Mountain Belcourt    Indian Closed
ABATE Bismarck    Charity Open
ACC (Apple Creek Country Club) Bismarck    Illegal Closed
AFW (American Foundation for Wildlife) Bismarck    Charity Open
AMI - Alliance for the Mentally Ill Bismarck    Charity Closed
Amvets Post 0009 Bismarck    Fraternal Open
AND - See ABATE - Bismarck, North Dakota
ARC (Association of Retarded Citizens) Bismarck    Charity Closed
Bismarck/Mandan Convention & Visitors Center Bismarck    Charity Open
BPOE Elks 1199 Bismarck    Fraternal Open
CFA (Cystic Fibrosis Association) Bismarck    Charity Open
FOE 2237 Bismarck    Fraternal Open
FOE 2337 Bismarck    Fraternal Closed
LOOM Moose 0302 Bismarck    Fraternal Open
NDSC (North Dakota Safety Council) Bismarck    Charity Closed
NoDak Sportsmen's Club Bismarck    Charity Closed
VFW 1326 Bismarck    Fraternal Open
BCC (Buffalo Community Club) Buffalo    Charity Open
CYC (Carrington Youth Center) Carrington    Charity Closed
BPOE Elks 1216 Devils Lake    Fraternal Open
Devils Lake Youth Activities Association Devils Lake    Charity Open
DLR (Devils Lake Rural Fire Department) Devils Lake    Charity Open
LRC / L.R.C. (Lake Region Corp.) Devils Lake    Charity Closed
LRHC (Lake Region Heritage Center) Devils Lake    Charity Unknown
RFD (Rural Fire Department) Devils Lake    Charity Open
DCB (Dickinson Convention & Visitors Bureau) Dickenson    Charity Open
BPOE Elks 1137 Dickinson    Fraternal Open
DEC - Dickinson Eagles Club #2328 Dickinson    Fraternal Open
DYAI - Dickinson Youth Association Inc Dickinson    Charity Open
PNC - See Stockman's Bar - Dickinson, North Dakota
QCC - See Queen City Club - Dickinson, North Dakota
Queen City Club Dickinson    Illegal Closed
Stockman's Bar Dickinson    Illegal Closed
WAI - Womens Alliance, Inc. Dickinson    Charity Closed
Drayton Curling Club Drayton    Charity Open
STM (St. Thomas Booster Club) Drayton    Charity Unknown
Lions Head (Lions Club) Emerado    Charity Open
(derby hat) - See Faragon, The - Fargo, North Dakota
AGG (American Gold Gymnastics) Fargo    Charity Open
AI (Arts Inc.) Fargo    Charity Closed
American Gold Gymnastics - See AGG (American Gold Gymnastics) - Fargo, North Dakota
American Legion Post 0002 Fargo    Fraternal Closed
ARTS - See AI (Arts Inc.) - Fargo, North Dakota
Blue Wolf Casino Fargo    Charity Open
BPOE Elks 0260 Fargo    Fraternal Closed
Cardinal Muench Seminary Fargo    Charity Closed
Centre Pioneer Fargo    Charity Closed
CFF (Cystic Fibrosis Foundation) Fargo    Charity Closed
Civic Opera Company Fargo    Charity Closed
CPA-ND Fargo    Charity Closed
F. M. Aquatics (Fargo Morehead Aquatics) Fargo    Charity Closed
Faragon, The Fargo    Illegal Closed
Fargo Youth Depot Fargo    Charity Closed
FCC (Fargo Country Club) Fargo    Illegal Closed
FOE 0153 Fargo    Fraternal Closed
FYC - See Youth Commission, The - Fargo, North Dakota
Grand Townhouse Fargo    Charity Unknown
LGI (Lien Games Inc.) Fargo    Charity Closed
LOOM Moose 1410 Fargo    Fraternal Closed
Mr. Ed's Casino Supply Fargo    Manufacturer Open
Multiple Sclerosis Society Fargo    Charity Open
NDO (North Dakota Charitable Foundation) Fargo    Charity Closed
North Dakota Athletic Department - See Team Makers - Fargo, North Dakota
Northern Prairie Performing Arts Fargo    Charity Open
NPPA - See Northern Prairie Performing Arts - Fargo, North Dakota
OAK Fargo    Charity Closed
Plains Art Museum Fargo    Charity Open
PPB (Prairie Public Broadcasting) Fargo    Charity Open
PPTV (Prairie Public TeleVision) - See PPB (Prairie Public Broadcasting) - Fargo, North Dakota
RDC (Rural Development Center) Fargo    Charity Closed
Red River Dance Company Fargo    Charity Closed
Red River Human Service Foundation - See RRHSF (Red River Human Service Foundation) - Fargo, North Dakota
River Queen Casino - See CFF (Cystic Fibrosis Foundation) - Fargo, North Dakota
RRHS (Red River Human Service Foundation) - See RRHSF (Red River Human Service Foundation) - Fargo, North Dakota
RRHSF (Red River Human Service Foundation) Fargo    Charity Open
SCS (Spinal Cord Society) Fargo    Charity Closed
ShareHouse Fargo    Charity Open
Team Makers Fargo    Charity Open
VFW 0762 Fargo    Fraternal Closed
Youth Commission, The Fargo    Charity Open
BOOSTER CLUB Fessenden    Charity Open
Gene's Recreation Fort Ransom    Illegal Closed
Prairie Knights Casino Fort Yates    Indian Open
NCJ (Northern Cass Jaycees) Gardner    Charity Closed
GAIA - See Garrison Area Improvement (Association) - Garrison, North Dakota
Garrison Area Improvement (Association) Garrison    Charity Open
Glenburn Ambulance Glenburn    Charity Closed
SDC Glenfield    UFC Unknown
GCI (Grafton Curlers) Grafton    Charity Open
(Eagle) - See BLC (Blue Line Club) - Grand Forks, North Dakota
(Horse Head) - See BLC (Blue Line Club) - Grand Forks, North Dakota
AC (Athletic Club) Grand Forks    Charity Closed
ARC (A.R.C. ) (Association of Retarded Citizens) Grand Forks    Charity Open
BLC (Blue Line Club) Grand Forks    Charity Open
Blue Line Club - See BLC (Blue Line Club) - Grand Forks, North Dakota
Boxing Inc Grand Forks    Charity Closed
BPOE Elks 0255 Grand Forks    Fraternal Closed
CAP (Citizen Assistance Program) Grand Forks    Charity Open
CVB (Convention & Visitors Bureau) Grand Forks    Charity Closed
DHI (Development Homes, Inc.) Grand Forks    Charity Open
GJ (Glenn L. Jarrett Memorial Fund) Grand Forks    Charity Closed
GL Grand Forks    Charity Unknown
Harley-Davidson - Andy's Grand Forks    Harley Davidson Open
HGL (Highlander Bar) Grand Forks    Charity Closed
LDC (Listen Development Center) Grand Forks    Charity Open
M (McGuires) Grand Forks    Charity Closed
N.D. Grand Forks    UFC Unknown
NDAD (North Dakota Association Disabled) Grand Forks    Charity Open
NDSO (North Dakota Special Olympics) Grand Forks    Charity Open
Palace Casino & Sports Bar Grand Forks    Land Based Unknown
UND (University of North Dakota) Grand Forks    Charity Closed
VAC (Volunteer Services, Inc.) Grand Forks    Charity Closed
Dakota Magic Hankinson    Indian Open
FOE 3080 Harvey    Fraternal Open
Harwood Area Fire & Rescue Harwood    Charity Open
HIC (Hatton Improvement Corporation) Hatton    Charity Closed
HWS (Hazen Winter Sports) Hazen    Charity Open
HDC (Hillsboro Economic Development Corporation) Hillsboro    Charity Closed
HJC (Hettinger Junior Chamber of Commerce) Hittinger    Card Room Closed
Hope Fire Department Hope    Charity Open
American Legion Post 0014 Jamestown    Fraternal Open
AOI (Alpha Opportunity Inc) Jamestown    Charity Closed
Buffalo Foundation Jamestown    Charity Open
Harley-Davidson - Stutsman Jamestown    Harley Davidson Open
KC (Knights Of Columbus) Jamestown    Fraternal Open
Progress Enterprises Inc Jamestown    Charity Unknown
VFW 7049 Kenmare    Fraternal Unknown
American Legion Post 0054 Linton    Fraternal Open
LAL - See American Legion Post 0054 - Linton, North Dakota
American Legion Post 0040 Mandan    Fraternal Open
Fort Abraham Lincoln Foundation Mandan    Charity Open
Harley-Davidson - Roughrider Mandan    Harley Davidson Open
Havana Club Mandan    Illegal Closed
LOOM Moose 0425 Mandan    Fraternal Open
Mandan Baseball (Club, Inc.) Mandan    Charity Open
MHC (Mandan Hockey Club) Mandan    Charity Open
FOE 3052 Mayville    Fraternal Closed
MI / MIC (Mayville Improvement Corp) Mayville    Charity Closed
MQB (Mayville Quarterback Club) Mayville    Charity Closed
PTA (Parent Teachers Association) Mayville    Charity Open
American Legion Post 0026 Minot    Fraternal Open
FFO (Foundation for Orthodoxy) Minot    Charity Open
Harley-Davidson - Magic City Minot    Harley Davidson Open
Harley-Davidson - Roughrider Minot    Harley Davidson Closed
Hockey Boosters Minot    Charity Open
LOOM Moose 0822 Minot    Fraternal Open
Magic City Gaming Minot    Charity Closed
MJG (Minot Junior Golf Association) Minot    Charity Open
MSU (Minot State University) Minot    Charity Open
MSU Alumni (Minot State University) Minot    Charity Open
SVHS (Souris Valley Humane Society) Minot    Charity Open
NFD (Neche Fire Department) Neche    Charity Open
New Rockford Golf Course New Rockford    Charity Open
NPH (C.A. Gunder) New Salem    UFC Closed
4 Bears Casino Newtown    Indian Open
American Legion Post 0036 Oakes    Fraternal Open
OEI (Oakes Enhancement Inc.) Oakes    Charity Closed
VFW 9049 Oakes    Fraternal Closed
PCC (Pembina Community Club) Pembina    Charity Closed
Spot, The Pemebina    Charity Closed
Spot, The Pemebina    Charity Closed
Pick City Fire Department Pick City    Charity Open
188 (Portal Fire Department) Portal    Land Based Closed
Ice Dawgs Hockey Portland    Charity Open
Club Ray Ray    Charity Open
Reeder Hotel Reeder    Illegal Closed
SBC (Scotty Cummings) Riverdale    UFC Closed
Spirit Lake Casino St. Michael    Indian Open
American Legion Post 0134 Stanley    Fraternal Closed
SCF (Sandhill Crane Foundation) Steele    Charity Closed
American Legion Post 0181 Thompson    Fraternal Closed
Dakota Sioux Casino Tokio    Indian Closed
Grand Treasure Casino Trenton    Land Based Open
Painted Pony Casino Trenton    Indian Closed
BPOE Elks 1110 Valley City    Fraternal Closed
FCB (Knights of Pythias Club) Valley City    Fraternal Closed
FOE 2192 Valley City    Fraternal Open
VFW (2764) Valley City    Fraternal Open
VFW 2764 Valley City    Charity Open
FOE 2749 Wahpeton    Fraternal Open
Head of the Red (Youth Assn.) Wahpeton    Charity Open
WHA (Wahpeton Hockey Association) Wahpeton    Charity Open
WLC (Wahpeton Lions Club) Wahpeton    Charity Closed
BIG - See WOC (Wahpeton Optimist Club) - Walhpeton, North Dakota
WOC (Wahpeton Optimist Club) Walhpeton    Charity Closed
American Legion Post 0012 Washburn    Fraternal Closed
American Legion Post 0029 Watford City    Fraternal Open
HA - See WFH (West Fargo Hockey) - West Fargo, North Dakota
Harley-Davidson - Fargo West Fargo    Harley Davidson Open
HIA (Head Injury Association) West Fargo    Charity Unknown
VFW 7564 West Fargo    Fraternal Open
WFH (West Fargo Hockey) West Fargo    Charity Open
WFHA (West Fargo Hockey Association) - See WFH (West Fargo Hockey) - West Fargo, North Dakota
American Legion Post 0037 Williston    Fraternal Open
BPOE Elks 1214 Williston    Fraternal Open
Harley-Davidson - Black Magic Williston    Harley Davidson Open
IHA (Boxing Club) Williston    Charity Closed
LOOM Moose 0239 Williston    Fraternal Open
Midway Junction Williston    Charity Open
Teton Booster Club Williston    Charity Open
University Foundation (Gaming) Williston    Charity Open
W.J.C. (Williston Jaycees) Williston    Fraternal Closed
W.S.C. Foundation Williston    Charity Open
WBC (Williston Boxing Club) Williston    Charity Closed
Williston Convention & Visitor's Bureau Williston    Charity Open
WJC (Williston Jaycees) Williston    Charity Closed
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